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Rapide Numérique

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Data typing

We are specialized in data entry operations and guarantee highest quality and on time delivery at the least expensive prices. We provide cost effective solutions to your customized needs in all our services, you will surely save more money. Our data entry services helps to convert any kind of hard copy sources. We promise to deliver the best quality work within the expected time and help you in your business by focusing on your core business activities.



Questionnaire data typing

We process all types of questionnaires / survey and convert the data in the formats you need (Excel, SQL etc...). We equally convert all your data into graphical representation in the format of your choice pie chart,histogram etc...



Document scanning

We can scan paper sizes from A4 to A7 at a rate of up to 12000 A4 pages an hour. Rapide numérique can scan your documents to make them fully searchable using our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) process. When used in conjunction with Adobe Reader, this allows easily to find a word within a file or your complete network. This process minimises the need for complex indexing or book marking of files. We can convert your documents into digital documents through document scanning and indexing.



Computer repair services

Spécialiste dans le dépannage informatique, la maintenance informatique et l'installation informatique des ordinateurs et matériel informatique.

Pour plus d'informations, cliquez sur le bouton « Dépannage informatique » disponible dans le menu du haut.